I got fired by my modeling agency…and other true stories.

I got fired by my modeling agency…and other true stories.

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Yes, I really did. Talk about a blow to the ego. I cried for a day or two. But it taught me something powerful about confidence.
Do you sometimes feel not confident? Hmmm…like when you think about creating videos? GOTCHA!

Let’s dish.

73 thoughts on “I got fired by my modeling agency…and other true stories.

  1. I had a dream of owning a hotel when I was younger. That’s what led me to business school. That never happened so I dropped my dream for a long time. It was only 5 years ago I realized my dream of owning a business, it jut wasn’t the one I thought it would be.

    1. I saw you got fired by your modeling agency and thought it was a post, not a live presentation. I wanted to express my support.

      I smiled at your upbeat story telling, you are amazing. I liked your live stream.

      I wanted to tell you my morning. I was feeling despondent for a few minutes about the lock down and missing my friends, dance, etc. I let my mind run through the upset and sadness for 5 minutes and then told it to calm down. I was doing my hourly Fitbit walk around the apartment building and asked myself to find the beauty in the area. The flowers, the trees, the clouds, the birds, the sound of parrots, the breeze, the roof over my head, the safe job working from home, the coffee when I was done walking, the coworkers on my first meeting making me laugh. It was awesome.

      Keep up your positivity, whoever was the one to set you free from that modeling agency set you up for greatness in another part of your story.

      Be well! I look forward to a hug when dance class is back on for us!

  2. I so needed this because that’s how I’m feeling about Zumba because the gyms I worked at didn’t have the membership so I also got fired. Still trying to unravel myself from those rejections

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