VIDEO S.O.S.— people across the globe are spend over 50% longer on social media now!! (Hopefully checking out your content ) Everyone in the world just started using videos for meetings (Zoom!), to create content, or for fun (Tik-Tok anyone?)

This is ah-ma-zing for you and your business. You have an easier, quicker way reach to your ideal clients right now whether you are a Coach, Consultant, Real Estate Agent, Social Media Expert, etc, etc…using VIDEO MARKETING, baby.

Buuttt…..sometimes I cringe at the lighting in videos. So for you, love bug, here are some tips in this short video to make your videos look great.

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P.S. No humans were harmed in the making of this video…it was filmed pre-Covid!

P.S.S. I love the good old days when my hair was super blonde #precovidhair