Adopt the crop top: Why leaving your comfort zone is a recipe for success

Transforming your business might not be the exact same thing as transforming your body. But they have plenty in common.

When transforming a business, you might think you’re not talented enough or savvy enough. You may be afraid of financial ruin or having to lie on your LinkedIN profile.

When transforming your body, you might think you’re not skinny enough or be ashamed that the only six-pack you have is at home in your fridge. And it’s Coors Light. And it’s almost gone.

The common element in this is the F word: fear.

Leaving your comfort zone is scary. And no one likes to be afraid.

But success comes with taking chances and risk. Because your comfort zone? It turns into a tow away zone before you know it. And your hopes and dreams? They get pulled away.

So, ask yourself this: what are YOU waiting for?

Check out this week’s Arriane Unplugged video to learn why crop tops look good on everyone. You’ll see how an angel in a clothing store literally changed my life.

We’ll discuss the importance of committing to leaving your comfort zone and transforming your business or yourself.

What is the area in your life you want to transform? Let me know in the comments below!

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